Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Last Min Gift Ideas for Her & Him

Hey ladies!!  It's been a busy month for me after Thanksgiving.  Work has been crazy busy, along with the household stuff... that includes the crap load of snow and ice we've gotten for the month so far.  Boo.  Makes for crazy busy days and nights for me.

Anyways... as you all know, Christmas is only a week away!!

Here are some of my last min gift ideas.

For her:

The Too Faced Jingle All the Way pallet $25
The coolest part of this pallet is that the case that holds the eyeshadows and cheek products is an actual iPhone 5 case that you can use, well that's if you own the iPhone 5.

I have this and let me tell you, if you have issues with eye liner not working the best for you (like I do) and you want to try different products for a reasonable price...this is it!!

Lorac Rockin' Red Hot Pro Set $39 ONLY AVAILABLE AT ULTA
sorry no link for this product since it's no longer available
I have this too and this is what I bought for both my younger sisters for Christmas
(I can talk about this now since both of them have their sets)
I love this set because, not only do you get the Pro pallet but their eye liner and eye primer.
All three for $39 is GREAT, especially when the pallet alone is $42!

I will do a mini review on how I like all 3 products soon.

You can also get for her:
-her favorite perfume or a collection of her favorite brand
-something from her favorite skincare line
-jewerly (but this is a typical gift from a man to his girl)

For him:
I won't show pics for this since every man has his own taste and his girl should know what he likes.  But I will give you some ideas to work with.

-a watch
-his favorite sports team, favorite player's jersey
-a giftcard to his favorite sporting goods store (so he can go get all the fishing gear, hunting gear, or whatever gear he wants without you having to bitch at him for spending too much money all at once)

Hope this helps everyone out a bit.
Enjoy your day!  And if you're anywhere where's it's cold as heck, stay warm!!


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