Friday, January 17, 2014

BB & CC Creams

For about the past month or two, I have been loving CC creams instead of foundation.  I love the light coverage it gives and how it evens out your skintone with all these great benefits for your skin rolled into one product.

I started out by trying BB creams, but most of the popular ones where mainly sold online.  I didn't want to I have to guess at the correct shade since I read mix reviews about the shades and how they look after it oxidizes.

The first BB cream I tried was actually the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in the light/medium shade.  I liked it at first due to the lightness and evenness it gave my skin BUT the only thing that I hated about it was that it felt super wet and sticky after being applied on.  I don't know about you guys but I hate when a foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, CC cream, etc. feels super sticky and wet and doesn't set fast.  I just hate that sticky feeling like you're gonna smudge and move the product all over your face so you have to set it quick.  I used about half of the bottle and then stopped.

Next BB cream I tried was Pacifica's Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream, that I got as a sample from one of my monthly ipsy bags. Granted I haven't used this in such a long time that I can't say for sure what my thoughts are on this anymore but I'm sure it was similar to the Garnier one, left the sticky, wet feeling after application.

I believe I received another brand's BB cream in another monthly ipsy bag but can't seem to find it at the moment so I can't tell you the name of it.  But it was a light coverage as well, not the greatest but still light.

After a couple tries with these BB creams, I went back to using foundation.

Then up til a few months ago, I discovered the first CC cream that I absolutely love.  The Paul Thomas Roth CC Cream Complexion Corrector that I mentioned in an earlier post. This CC cream just made my skin look flawless.  I love how it makes my skin look even and hides all my imperfections, like the dark circles I get from lack of sleep.  The great thing about this CC cream is that it still looks pretty good by the end of my work day, which is a plus!

I've also tried the Lorac CC Color Correcting Cream in CC2 Medium that I got as a sample from my Lorac Pro purchase.  This one I felt is the same as the BB creams, leaving my face feeling sticky before I use transuclent powder to set it in place.  Other than that, it was good light coverage.  Will still continue to use it til I'm out of the sample.

I got the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream in light as a sample too and have been using that on and off to conserve the life of my Paul Thomas Roth one.  I think this one is my second favorite since it does almost as much as the Paul Thomas Roth brand. 

Overall, I think CC creams are better for me since I like the way they feel on my skin.  And I love how they don't make you feel or look cakey at all at the end of the day.

I hope this gives you guys a little bit of info on some BB and CC creams out there (and there's A LOT out there).  Don't hesitat to try these, especially if you're older and don't like the heavy foundation on a day to day basis.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!  I hope everyone had a great time celebrating.  I sure did with my little fam and some friends.

Any new year resolutions for anyone this year?  As for me, I made no new year resolutions this year.  I just want my family and friends to have a happy and healthy life this year, that's all.  Besides, that I find that when I make new year resolutions, they're always broken by the end of January anyways and it seems to always be the same resolution: lose some weight!  lol  I will no longer be making that a resolution of mine but just take it as I need to be healthy for my kids.

Anyways, on to the post!

I've been wanting the Lorac Pro pallet for quite some time but with the price, I didn't want to get it either.  I kept on debating until I saw Ulta having this awesome deal for the holidays so I took advantage and got it... 3 in fact.  haha 

But with the Lorac Rockin' Red Hot Pro Set, you get the Pro pallet, a mini eye primer and a liquid liner.  I think it's a great deal, especially at only $39 compared to the pallet being sold alone at $42.

I love that this pallet has 8 matte colors and 8 shimmery colors that work so well with each other.  I have been using the pallet often and have been mixing the mattes with the shimmers to create great every day looks to more dramatic looks.  Every color is just simply beautiful. 

The only downfall this pallet has is that some of the shimmery shades are a bit chalky feeling and powdery.  You just have to make sure you pat the product on instead of swiping it on due to the fall out you'll get.

But other than that, this is one of the best pallets I own and am glad I have it in my collection.

The matte shades are:
white, cream, taupe, light pink, mauve, sable, espresso, black

The shimmer shades are:
nude, champagne, gold, light bronze, pewter, garnet, deep purple, slate

I've been using the eye primer since I got this and can I say, I LOVE it?!  It doesn't make any shadows crease or smudge off.  The liner is a must have also.  I absolutely love this liner since it doesn't smudge or crease on me as well.  It just stays put all day, which is a must in my book with my awesome Asian.  haha

With that being said, I hope that if you are debating whether or not to add this pallet to your collection, you just go for it and add it.  It will be a great investment.