Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Impressions: L'Oreal 12HR infallible Never Fail Liquid Liner

Hey ladies.  So this is my first First Impressions review on my blog.  I wanted to start off with L'Oreal's 12HR infallible liquid liner.  I am in need of a new liner so I thought I'd go towards a drug store brand...something affordable and had good reviews.

This is what it reads on the back of the package:

For flawlessly clean lines as precise as 0.4 mm, L'Oreal Paris introduces The Super Slim by Infallible eyeliner.  The ultra-fine felt tip gives you total control, delivering the perfect amount of liner.  The intense quick dry 12HR formula glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow.  In one stroke create sleek & sophisticated eye designs.

Before application:

Right after application:

The felt tip is kinda stiff when you first use it.  It goes on pretty smooth and is very black.  Only down fall during application is that it gets a little bumpy looking when you drag it across your lids so you'll have to go back to smooth out the line.  After applying the liner, you do have to let it dry a bit first so it doesn't catch on your lids.  (mostly speaking to my monolid girls)

 After cleaning my contacts (sorry for the blurry pictures from my phone):

Another downfall is that when you are a contact wearer like me and need to clean your contacts or use drops, the liner smudges in certain areas.  For me, it was the inner corners.  Not a cute look!

Overall, it was a good liner and didn't smudge as much.  But I will say, I will not be purchasing this again and will keep to my either my Lorac Pro liner or a gel liner sine I feel like it glides on smoother than this L'Oreal one.

 Pictures before doing my hair

FYI: I tried this liner for the first time on Saturday, the 12th, and have been using it since then to just use it up and see if my opinions have changed on it.  Still smudges a bit on the lids for me but I did notice that when I did clean my contacts and/or used eye drops, I didn't get that smudge in my inner corners or anywhere else.  So over a little time, it has become a better product than the first use.

Hope this first impressions/review was a helpful read.

Have a great night!


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