Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vidal Sassoon London Lilac

Hey ladies.  Tonight I wanted to share my hair dying experience using the Vidal Sassoon Vibrant Color dye in London Lilac (a product I've been looking for for months!)

Here's my faded out Garnier 53 Medium Golden Brown color

Vidal Sassoon London Lilac
You can see the purple shades in the 2 pictures below, which were taken the day after I dyed my hair.
The downfall with this dye is that if you don't have super light hair, the "lilac" shade doesn't show unless you're in sunlight. 

The picture below is from last Saturday and my hair looks more red now since the purple washed out.

It definitely was weird seeing myself with dark hair again but the hubby liked it, so that's a plus.  Now I'm pretty much used to the dark hair and it's only been about 2 wks.  LOL  But I will most likely dye it again with some dyes from Sally's Beauty Supply in the next couple months.

Until then, this will be the hair color I sport.  haha

Have a good night!


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