Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lorac Mint Edition Pallet

After owning the Lorac Pro pallet for the past couple months, I wanted to try some more eye shadows and/or pallets of theirs and eventually branch into the rest of their products.

This is the recent pallet that I purchased off  Lorac's Mint Edition pallet.  I am IN LOVE with this pallet!!  I love the cute packaging of this pallet, even though the Lorac name tag is not centered correctly.  lol

Here are the matte shades from lightest to darkest.
(Sorry the light matte brown doesn't show up that great on my arm.)
The lightest matte shade has glittery flecks in it so makes me wonder why they categorized it as matte and this is the shade that is chalky.

The two shades on the left are the highlighter and blush.  I have not worn neither one yet.
Then we have the shimmery shades from lightest to darkest.

All the shades has the same smoothness and creamy texture as the shadows in the Pro pallet.  Some of the colors do have some chalkiness to it and a bit of fall outs (like the lightest matte shade) but it's ok, I can still work with it.

This is the "lipstick" that comes with the pallet.  It's their Exclusive Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Retro.
I like the shade of this "lipstick" since it's a nude pink color but it has the stickiness of most lip glosses, which I do not like.  Not sure why they called this a lipstick either.

Hope this post makes you want to branch out into the Lorac brand more.

Good night ladies.


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