Friday, April 25, 2014

Dealing With a Sty

Since Wednesday, I have been dealing with a small irritating sty on the bottom of my right eye.  I wanted to share with you my tips on getting rid of a sty and the makeup I wear to coverup my irritation of it (a girl still has to look decent enough to go to work ok).

This is the Mayo Clinic's definition of a sty:

A sty (hordeolum) is a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple. Sties are often filled with pus. A sty usually forms on the outside of your eyelid, but sometimes a sty can form on the inner part of your eyelid.
In most cases, a sty will begin to disappear on its own in a few days. 

When I first start feeling a sty, the eye that is getting the sty usually feels sore, irritated, achy and itchy. As soon as I feel that, depending on what time of day it is and if I'm at work or not, I start using a warm washcloth (sometimes a hot washcloth) before bed.  I set the washcloth over my eye so it can help ease the pain of the sty and gets some of that gunk out.  I leave the washcloth on until it loses the warmth/heat of the warm/hot water.  Like I said, depending on the time of day and if I'm at work or not, I will do this at least 2-3 times before bed.  This is one of the best methods for me since it's the easiest and cheapest way.

Another thing I like to do but don't anymore (since I need to get a prescription for it) is using erythromycin ointment.  This medication works wonders on your sty.  It's messy but it's well worth it.  All you have to do is wash your hands so they're clean, squeeze out a little bit of the erythromycin on your finger and rub it on your sty and the base of your lashes so it really gets into the root of the sty.  But remember to always wash your hands after using this ointment on your eye.  You don't want to infect your other eye or anyone else.  This method usually cuts down the time of the sty by at least a day or two.  

So on to the makeup.  I know you're not supposed to wear eye makeup when you have a sty but I personally still do so I don't look super plain.

I still do a full face of makeup but leave my eyes pretty bare.  This week, since the sty is at the bottom of my lid, I have only been brushing on my bronzer to the "crease" of my eyes, for definition, and then I only do one coat of mascara.  I think this is fine since I am using it on the top part of my eye that isn't infected.

When I get a sty on my top lash line/eye, I only do a liner on the bottom lash line and that's it.
I ONLY WEAR MY GLASSES when I have a sty so I don't have to waste my contacts.  Besides that, it's NOT good to get your contacts full of the infection and the sty not healing due to you wearing contacts.

I get them every once in a blue moon (nowadays compared to 2-3 years ago) to know how much they SUCK and how much they can ruin my confidence. I hope this helps you fellow sty victims to stay looking beautiful even though you have a sty buggin' ya.
Have a good night!

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