Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Chapter in My Life

I'm finally starting my journey as a freelance Makeup Artist.  I have been super busy doing some photoshoots this month (to add pictures into my portfolio), creating a logo and name, and trying to get a business card together.  All this while working a full time job, coming home to take care of my 3 kids, and trying to get some gigs to build up my status/skill.

I must say, I have never been more excited about anything in my life!  I'm starting a new chapter in my life that I see big things for.  I have a great husband who is behind me in this and my 3 kids who are not such babies anymore so I can have the time to do what I LOVE to do.

Here is my Facebook page HERmakeup if you guys want to check out my work so far and for future work.  I am planning on getting a website set up too but that won't be in the works for a couple months.  Facebook will do for now.

Here's a little preview of the shoots I just wrapped up with my cousin, Xocha, as the photographer.

This one was done on 4-19-14
Models are from L to R: sister-in-law, Suesee, Kelly's friend Kaelani, and my baby sister, Kelly

This one was done on 4-26-14
Models are from L to R: Gao Na & Amy

I hope that you guys will continue to support me in my new journey!

contact via email:
find me on instagram: hermakeup82

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