Friday, April 4, 2014

March Favorites

I've been wanting to do a monthly favorites on my blog since the beginning of the year but I somehow don't end up doing it due to either my busy mom schedule or I just forget.  So better late than never, here's my favorites that I've used for most of March.

1. Lorac Pro Pallet - What I love about this is that it's a great pallet for every day simple eyes and/or semi-smokey looks.  It's the easiest pallet I have where I don't have to think too hard on what I want my look to be like for the day.

2. Mac Prolong Concealer in NC20 (I think) - I didn't want to invest in this concealer so when my sister bought another one since she loves it so much, I asked her to give me a good amount to sample to see if I would like it or not too.  Surprisingly, I like it.  It's great as a highlight under my eyes.  Might have to go get it to add to my collection.

3. Zoya Nail Polish in Odette - I just love this color on my nails.  For me, I think it's a good color for the season changes.

4. Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer - Got this sample from one of my Sephora hauls since I hear a lot of people rave about it.  I like the primer a lot.  I find it that if I do the primer and foundation tricks that I learned from watching YouTube guru gossmakeupartist, it makes my foundation last a lot longer and my oily T-zone not so oily.  I will have to share his secret with you guys in a future post. 

5. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging - I loved the original primer potion from UD but when I tried this anti-aging one, I was in more in love.  This little sample tube has lasted me a good amount of time since you don't need that much product and because I misplaced it for a while.  Glad I found it again!

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Catwalk Pallet - When I want a more shimmery look for work, I go to this pallet.  I just love the lighter shimmery shades in this pallet a lot more than other shimmery shades in other pallets that I own. The shades in this pallet is just not as shimmery as others, even though it looks like it just as shimmery.

7. Benefit Blush in Rockateur - This is hands down my favorite blush.  I wear it daily because it's just simply beautiful.  It gives me a nice flush of color and I was told by a coworker that she likes it when I wear blush because I look more alive.  haha 

There you go.  My first post on my monthly favorites.  Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them.

Have a good Friday night!


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  1. The LORAC Pro is the best! Also love Rockateur! I was glad to read your thoughts on ProLongwear because I've been going back and forth about it! I have never tried it but I have heard nothing but good things!